Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lessons learned from iced tea

Life gets pretty crazy pretty fast if you don't stop to rest, rest in God. This life has been a little draining lately and this girl right here has not made it much easier. I want to rush things make life go by a little faster but at the same time I wish I had more time. Living life in the future has not been beneficial. Worrying about tomorrow, about work, about learning, about living, about leaving. Where will I go, what will I do? All I know is I am currently here in Wilmington with an 8-5 job and a life, a here and now life.

I decided to brew some sweet tea (my favorite beverage) today. So I put the kettle on to boil, I get the tea bags ready and the sugar all measured out. The water boils and I have learned to pour the water in my glass pitcher thing slowly so I do not bust out the bottom from the rapid transfer of heat. Come on tea steep, steep! Bags gone, in goes the sugar. Now the real waiting begins. It takes so long for 6 cups of hot sweet tea to cool down. Hm getting late. I better eat, but wait my tea is still hot! Oh well, at least I got ice. So in goes the ice, in goes the tea and the melting begins.

Here I am with this watered down tea that does quench my thirst but does not taste like the warm stuff in the fridge does. It is better than that instant junk, but not as good as the tea that is slowly cooling down in the fridge.

See I know in the back of my mind God does not want me to settle for good things. To decide all on my own what my future will be, where I will go, how I feel like serving God. He will show me his heart in time. I know he will. I get to see bits every so often but I have to be patient for the best stuff. That stuff I can't rush that is totally out of my hands. I can not control God's desires for my life. I have to wait, but not wait like I have been. I can be proactive. Putting my tea in the fridge will get it colder sooner than letting it hang out on the counter. I have to learn to spend my time wiser. Not waste it. I need to spend time with my God my friend, the only one who really knows my future and the only one that can make it the best it can be. Not that okay stuff I can make of it, and if I meddle with it too much it might even resemble that instant yuck some call sweet tea.


  1. how is it that we are 5000 miles apart and still God seems to be drawing a line between our lives? obviously the context is different, but i have been asking these same questions and he is speaking straight to my heart through this. i am praying for you, as always. love reading your blogs :))

    there's a whole ton more to say. time for a skype/holy spirit/craziness powwow.

  2. also, i love that it's a food (well, drink) analogy. your best ones always are, haha.